Located just across the San Diego border, plastic surgeon Dr. Manuel Gutiérrez offers the most qualified facilities to perform aesthetic procedures in Tijuana Mexico! Fully equipped with the best and latest technology, his facilities accomplish and exceed the norms and requirements for a plastic surgical center, meeting the highest standards of hygiene and safety for both the patient and the doctor’s team.

Dr. Manuel Gutierrez’ facilities have two recently remodeled operating rooms, offering the best brands of equipment and latest technology to provide a high quality service and experience to every single patient. The Recovery Center is located on the same floor of the facilities, and is designed for resting and recuperating from a surgery, under the supervision and assistance of the certified and caring nurses of Dr. Manuel Gutiérrez. The staff is prepared to provide personalized attention to the patient in a very comfortable environment.


We’re only 2 minutes away from the US border, book now and save up to 60% on your procedure, (Compared to most US plastic cosmetic surgeons).