Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Philosophy

Plastic Surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico Dr. Manuel Gutierrez is very committed and passionate with his work, he believes the success for outstanding and high quality results in plastic surgery relies in the combination of three simple elements:

  • Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with years of experience and commitment in every one of the surgeries.
  • A patient with good health; mentally and physically prepared for surgery.
  • A facility that has the proper equipment and qualified staff.

I want to make sure these three elements are 100 percent available to provide the safety and satisfaction that every patient deserves!

Dr Manuel Gutierrez Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Manuel Gutierrez – certified plastic surgeon I’m committed to provide to each and every one of my patients:

  • An ideal and personalized procedure according to my patient needs
  • The highest levels of satisfaction
  • The fastest recovery
  • The less invasive procedure
  • A safe and clean environment
  • The best cost-benefit quote
  • The best medical experience in Tijuana, Mexico

A transparent and discrete communication between Dr. Manuel Gutierrez and Patient!

As far as the patient’s concerns, they have to be very clear and honest in what they want and expect from plastic surgery, this allows better understanding and communication between plastic surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico Dr. Manuel Gutierrez and the patient. As clear and more defined are the expectations of the plastic and aesthetic surgery, it will be easier to accomplish the results and satisfaction of the patient!

It’s very important to provide plastic surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico Dr. Manuel Gutierrez an honest information about your needs, desires & medical conditions, in order to establish a realistic expectation and satisfying result. Why? Dr. Manuel Gutierrez believes that he rather make a friend than an unhappy patient, he’s not afraid to say no if he considers that the improvement is not going to be appropriate to the patient’s needs and expectation of both patient and surgeon.


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